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Aquis: Personal Recreational Watercraft

Author: McDonald, Matt
Abstract: This thesis project aims to solve a problem related to personal watercraft focusing on the safety and experience provided by them.

Axis - construction equipment for multiple abilities

Author: Badaraco, Adrian
Abstract: This thesis project will look to broaden the employment options for persons with disabilities by making the work environment more accessible.

Embrace (Brace For Impact): Downhill Skiing Knee Protection

Author: MacDonald, Jason
Abstract: The following is an in-depth research and development documentation for the design of a revolutionary piece of equipment dedicated to the prevention of ACL injuries in downhill alpine skiers.

Eve: Autonomous Transport: An all-female urban commuter for Amman, Jordan

Author: Shatara, Margaret
Abstract: The following report is a collection of work done by Margaret Shatara for her thesis project during the first half of the yearlong semester.

O2: Breathe Easy: Minimize Respiratory Distress

Author: McDiarmid, Heather
Abstract: Respiratory illnesses are the third largest cause of death in Canada and can affect people of all ages.

Phoenix Mobility Unit- Industrial Design Thesis

Author: Pedulla, Elio
Abstract: A patient mobility device that aims to improve hospital efficiency by reintroducing independence to patients.