Overview & Policies

Library Policies >

The Library's policies are the basis for our decisions on fines, codes of conduct, theft, alumni and community user services.

North Overview >

Location (directions & campus map)
4th Floor - Learning Resource Commons
205 Humber College Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario M9W 5L7

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Services and Equipment

Collections (as of May 2016)
Books 83,830 print titles
216,653 eBooks
Journals 236 print titles
74,883 eJournals
eResources 116 subscription eResources
DVDs and CDs 3,973 titles
Streamed Videos 12,065 titles

Computers and Printers

  • 75 PCs
  • 9 quick use computers
  • 4 video viewing stations
  • 2 black & white and 1 color printer/copier/scanner
  • Microfilm viewing station (by the Reference Desk)
  • 5 catalog viewing terminals

Circulation Desk

  • Check-out and return library items and ask questions about your library account
  • Video collection support
  • 2 self-checkout machines

Reference Desk

  • Assistance with your research questions
  • Learn how to use library tools to find books and articles
  • Help with your computer and printing problems

Study Spaces

  • 12 group study rooms
  • Group study tables
  • Individual study carrels

Lakeshore Overview >

Location (directions & campus map)
3199 Lakeshore Blvd. West
Toronto, Ontario M8V 1K8

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Collections (as of May 2016)
Books 32,408 print titles
216,653 eBooks
Journals 99 print titles
74,883 eJournals
eResources 116 subscription eResources
Videos, CDs and Records 7,405 titles
Streamed Videos 12,065 titles

Services and Equipment

Found on the Main Level
See the Main level map

  • The circulation desk where you check-out library items and ask questions about your library account
  • Research help desk where you can get help finding resources for assignments
  • Books and articles placed on reserve by your instructor
  • Print journal, magazine and newspaper collection
  • Reference collection (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks)
  • Music room with vinyl record collection and playback machines
  • Silent study room and group study space
  • Bookable group study rooms
  • Adaptive technology room
  • Computers and quick-use stations
  • 1 computer for quick item look-ups and 1 password reset station
  • 1 black & white and 1 color multifunction device (printing/photocopying/scanning)

Found on the Lower Level
See the Lower level map

  • Circulating books
  • Computers
  • Study carrels
  • Individual and group study space
  • 1 black & white multifunction device (printing/photocopying/scanning)

Orangeville Overview >

Location (directions)
Alder Street Library
275 Alder Street
Orangeville, Ontario L9W 5H6

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Students & Faculty
Humber Libraries in partnership with Orangeville Public Library (OPL) provide Humber's Orangeville students and faculty with access to a wide range of library collections and services both at the OPL Alder Street and Mill Street branches.

Print Books

  • Books specific to Humber Orangeville programs are available at the Alder Street Library.
  • You can request books located at Humber's other campus libraries. Requested items will be delivered to the Alder Street Library within three business days.

Library Account
Get your library account by bringing your student or staff card to the Alder Street Library staff. You must have a library account to borrow items from the collection and access eResources from off-campus.

Six computers, a printer and a DVD viewing station are located at the Alder Street Library for Humber student and faculty use. The computers are linked to Humber's network.

Use our video booking form to make use of our collection.

Annual Reports & Survey Results >

Our annual review highlights library news and initiatives.

Survey Results

It is important that the Library meets our users' needs. The following is a summary of library survey results.



  • Collections: 28% of 80 responses chose "View it Now" as the best phrase to link to our electronic resources.


  • Website: 134 responses helped us choose the background design of the library website.


  • Collections: 950 people responded to the eBook survey.
    • 43% prefer eBooks to print books
    • 54% want to use eBooks in the future
    • Our response was to acquire more eBooks for the collection


  • Website: 329 people answered questions about their mobile devices.
    • Our response was to ensure that the library website is mobile-friendly


  • LibQual Lite: 2621 people answered questions on library facilities, collections and customer service. Our response was:
    • More study spaces at North and Lakeshore
    • Extended hours to meet study needs
    • More computers, printers, and electrical outlets