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Print & Copy Answers

Where are the printers/multifunction devices?

  • North: The printers are on the 3rd and 4th floors of the LRC building.
  • Lakeshore: The printers are on the lower level and in the Copy Center on the main floor.

How much does it cost to print and/or copy?

  • Students receive 2500 print credits per semester. Black & White costs 5 credits and Colour costs 20 credits.
  • For more details, go to the Humber ITS printing page.

How can I purchase additional print credits to add to my account?

  • You can login and add print credits to your account online.
  • Consult the ITS print guide on how to add print credits online.
  • You can also purchase additional print credits at the Bookstore in blocks of 500 credits for $5.00.
  • For more details, go to the Humber ITS printing page.

Can I copy in colour at the Library?

  • North: Yes, therre are color-capable machines on the 3rd and 4th floors.
  • Lakeshore: Yes. There is a machine in the Copy Centre on the main floor.
  • The cost is 20 credits.

Can I scan a document and email it to myself?

  • Yes. You don't need to log in since there is no charge for emailing.

Can I print using my own paper?

  • No. Students are not allowed to use their own paper.
  • The paper used in the college printers is tested and approved by Xerox to work on these machines.
  • The use of paper from another source can damage the printer's drum and the rollers.