Reports & Surveys

This page provides details about library collections, reports and surveys.

Collections (May 2017)
Books 85,164 print titles (North)
32,751 print titles (Lakeshore)
2,414,982 eBooks
Journals 187 print titles (North)
92 print titles (Lakeshore)
72,724 eJournals
eResources 108 subscription eResources
DVDs, CDs & Records 4,014 titles (North)
5,603 titles (Lakeshore)
Streamed Videos 34,385 titles

Annual Reviews

Survey Results

It is important that the Library meets our users' needs. The following is a summary of library survey results.

Student Survey: 2016

  • Over 75% of students agreed or strongly agreed that Library staff are helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and responsive.
  • 73% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they did better on their assignment as a result of what they learned from a librarian presentation in their class.
  • Students show a high satisfaction level with all library¬†resources: 64% to¬†77% were either satisfied or very satisfied with the resources.
  • Check out the infographic and the executive summary for more results from the student survey.

Library response to results:

  • North campus has a laptop lending program.
  • Lakeshore has a portable plug lending program.
  • New printer release stations in the Lakeshore Library and Learning Commons for improved accessibility.

Information Literacy Survey: 2016

  • 96.4% agreed or strongly agreed that they were more confident in their ability to find the resources they needed after a Library presentation.
  • 98.5% agreed or strongly agreed that they will use the resources they learned about in the Library presentation.

eBook Collections Survey: 2012

950 people responded to this survey.

  • 43% prefer eBooks to print books
  • 54% want to use eBooks in the future

Library response to results:

  • We acquired more eBooks for the collection and changed our policy to focus on eBooks in the future.

LibQual Lite Survey: 2010

2621 people answered questions on library facilities, collections and customer service.

  • 44% responses were about Library as Place and 27% about Equipment.
  • More group study rooms and quiet space were the top facilities requests.
  • Students also asked for longer opening hours to meet study needs.
  • More computers, printers, and electrical outlets were the top equipment requests.

Library response to results:

  • The new North LRC design with 38 group study rooms, 2 quiet rooms with individual carrels, more computers and outlets, and a 24/7 Learning Commons space.
  • Lakeshore now has a quiet study area with individual carrels and outlets, a silent study room with individual carrels, a noise cancelling system and a 24/7 Learning Commons space.
  • Quiet campaign at both campuses to support students' study needs.