Advanced Career Research

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In this workshop students will practice working with library databases to find information on organizations and industries. The workshop will focus on using business and market research techniques but adapt them to researching future careers. Beyond using business and industry research tools, students will also learn to search across news sources for current organization information. Students will work to complete a digital worksheet to keep a record of their work that can also be shared in summary form with the hosting instructor.

After this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Identify library databases that are best suited to career research
  • Find information on organizations and industries using library databases
  • Apply organization and industry research to career prospecting

Skill Type: Research
Level: Proficient
Delivery Method: In-class workshop
Ideal Audience: Students in a Careers course
Time Required: 60 minutes
Best Practice: This workshop pairs best with an advanced assignment that involves in-depth research on organizations, industries, and careers.
Technology Required: This is a hands-on workshop; a computer lab or student laptops are required.

Interested in booking a session? We invite you to reach out to your librarian.

Students can borrow the equipment listed below from the Library or Learning Commons. Bring your student card to the relevant desk to get the items.