Course Resource Services

The copyright team provides a variety of services to assist faculty and course developers with obtaining access to course materials.

For any requests or questions related to the services below, contact

Course Resource Pages

Course Resources pages provide a one-stop location for students to access stable links to required and supplementary course resources.

Why use Course Resource Pages?

  • They can include links to Humber Libraries' article and eBook collections as well as Internet content
  • The links can be organized by week, topic, module, etc.
  • Resources can be accessed at zero-cost to students
  • The pages can be hosted in Blackboard or by the Library
  • Course Resources Page example

If you know what sources you wish to use for your course, email the citations, links, etc. to


Reviewing Course Outlines for Access Options

Whether you are designing a new course or looking to update content in a current course, we encourage faculty and course designers to contact us for assistance in evaluating access options for content (books, journals, videos, etc.) they wish to select for their courses.

We can:

  • review options for online access through the library collection or other sources
  • evaluate what material can be used under the available copyright exceptions (Fair Dealing, etc.) and what material may require permission to use
  • suggest alternative sources for content
  • check for potential copyright infringement issues

Contact with your list of sources and we will report back with the available options.

Digital Scanning Service

In order to support faculty who need course readings from print items, we will scan excerpts and provide a PDF copy that can be uploaded to a Blackboard course site.

This service is available for:

  • portions of books, up to 10% of the entire text or a single chapter
  • a single article from a magazine, journal, or newspaper issue

To support accessibility, the PDF documents will be made text searchable.

Requests for scans of print materials may take 1-4 weeks to be fulfilled depending on the availability of material. Please contact as early as possible to ensure the content is available for when students require access.

Video Clip Service

If the Library cannot acquire streaming access to a movie, documentary, or television show, we can make clips from legally acquired DVDs. These clips are made using screen recording software to comply with restrictions in the Copyright Act for how this media can be accessed.

Similar to print books, fair dealing limits the amount that can be used from a DVD. For a film or documentary, it is a maximum of 10% of the entire work. For a DVD with multiple episodes of a TV show, it is a maximum of 10% from an individual episode.

Requests to create clips will take 3-6 weeks to be fulfilled. Please contact as early as possible to ensure the content is available for when students require access.

Permissions Service

The following are examples of the kinds of material that cannot be used for a course without acquiring some form of permission:

  • Scanned material from a print source that exceeds the fair dealing limits.
  • Material licensed for individual use.
  • Material intended to be limited to members of an organization, association, society, etc.
  • Online material whose access is controlled by some type of technological protection measure such as a paywall or password-protection.

We can investigate if acquiring permission to use these types of material is possible.

Depending on the request, the Library may be able to cover the cost of permissions. The Library maintains a fund to support the use of material from books and journals that may exceed the fair dealing limits and to acquire access to articles from journals we do not subscribe to.

To get started please contact with details about the content you wish to use for your course.

Choose from the list to find library resources specific to that type.