The most important issue when using images is the source the image comes from. There are quantity rules for print sources and permission questions for Internet sources.

Remember to always cite the source. See our suggestions on how to cite properly.

Print and Library Sources

You can share a short excerpt from print books and journals. A short excerpt is:

  • 1 image or graphic (or photograph, painting, table or chart).
  • Many images from pages that do not exceed 10% of the work.
  • Example: up to 21 pages of images, graphics and/or diagrams from a 210 page print work.

Library eResources are licenced for teaching. This allows you to link to images found on these platforms.

Internet Sources

You can use images from websites, as long as:

  1. the content has been made available by the copyright holder
  2. the content is not password-protected (Ex: members-only section)
  3. there is no clearly visible notice prohibiting educational use
  4. the source and author/creator is cited

It is difficult to determine if a blog photo or "googled" image has been posted with permission. Therefore, start with Creative Commons portals instead.

Creative Commons (CC) is a type of license for creators to grant others permission to use their work as long as the source is cited.

Suggested Creative Commons portals:

Choose from the list to find eResources specific to that type.