Research 301

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During this workshop, students will be introduced to specialized databases for discipline-specific research. Available resources will be introduced with a live demonstration of advanced search processes. Advanced search functionalities and strategies that enhance research will be explored. A hands-on component will follow, during which students will have the opportunity to research their topic with a librarian available to guide and provide feedback.   

After this workshop, students will be able to: 

  • Identify the resources best suited to their research topic
  • Recognize the value and purpose of different types of sources available at Humber and beyond
  • Apply Boolean operators (e.g., AND, OR) with relevant keywords, subject terms, and search tools to build effective searches
  • Identify relevant articles through bibliography mining and citation chaining
  • Evaluate search results to select quality resources

Skill Type: Research
Level: Proficient
Delivery Method: In-class workshop
Ideal Audience: Students with research experience 
Time Required: 60-75 minutes 
Best Practice: This workshop requires an advanced assignment that involves in-depth research and/or specific types of information (e.g., literature reviews, specific resource/information requirements, capstone/thesis projects). Workshops will be tailored to the course subject, assignment topics, and required resource selections.
Technology Required: This is a hands-on workshop; a computer lab or student laptops are required.

Interested in booking a session? We invite you to reach out to your librarian.

Students can borrow the equipment listed below from the Library or Learning Commons. Bring your student card to the relevant desk to get the items.