Legal Research Workshop

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In this workshop students will be provided with a demonstration of how and where to access the legal research tools (including primary and secondary sources) available through the Library. They will receive an overview of core legal research concepts, including legal citation tools. A digital mini-quiz will be provided during the formal lecture to help reinforce key concepts, and students will complete a digital worksheet. Time will be provided to take-up the exercise and discuss student questions.

After this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Identify the legal research services and collections available from Humber Libraries
  • Locate print and electronic legal literature using the Library’s Discover search tool
  • Differentiate primary and secondary legal resources
  • Compare and discuss how to effectively use core legal research databases

Skill Type: Research
Level: Developmental
Delivery Method: In-class workshop
Ideal Audience: Law Clerk and Paralegal students currently taking a legal research class
Time Required: 60-90 minutes
Best Practice: This workshop pairs best with a legal research assignment.
Technology Required: This is a hands-on workshop; a computer lab or student laptops are required.

Interested in booking a session? We invite you to reach out to your librarian.

Students can borrow the equipment listed below from the Library or Learning Commons. Bring your student card to the relevant desk to get the items.