Course Resources

Course Resources are pages designed for Blackboard that include Humber Libraries' article and eBook links organized by week or topic.

Library vendor licences cover this type of linking and sharing with students.

Why use Course Resources?

  • Free for students
  • Easy access in Blackboard to required readings
  • Customized for your course
  • Copyright permissions not needed

Course Resources example:
Course Resources page example

Get your own Course Resources

Scenario A: You know which library articles or eBooks you want.

  1. Add the citations to a document.
  2. Organize the readings by week or topic.
  3. Email this document to
  4. Tell us the course code, course name and semester.

Scenario B: You'd like to see what is available on your topic.

  1. Use the Discover search box to look for library articles or eBooks.
  2. Once you find relevant readings then follow the steps in Scenario A.

We will then create your Course Resources page. Watch the tutorial to learn how to post the page to your Blackboard course.

Choose from the list to find eResources specific to that type.