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Welcome to the Library! Get to know our services and policies during your time at Humber or University of Guelph-Humber.

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Our commitment to you

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Our service charter is a partnership and a promise. It explains how the Library team supports your success and how you can support us in turn.

We promise to provide services, resources and spaces to help you thrive. We encourage you to take advantage of all the Library has to offer, while being mindful that you are sharing space with a diverse community.

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Equity, inclusion and belonging

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We support a culture of belonging in the Library. That means coming together as a team to ensure that our spaces, collections and technology all contribute to an environment of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility. It also means listening, reflecting and being open to a continuous process of transformation.

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A pillar in Humber’s North Library, painted with a red feather design by Ojibwe artist Patrick Hunter. Beside the pillar, a glass cabinet displays small cultural objects such as art, dolls and carvings.

One of four columns in the North Library painted by Ojibwe artist Patrick Hunter. 

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Library collections

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Our collections are a reflection of our community — dynamic, diverse and always evolving. We are constantly in the process of evaluating, updating and acquiring Library items to support learning and research goals.

Keeping our collections relevant and timely is a team effort. If you have suggestions for new items to add, contact us to let us know.

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A smiling student standing in the Library stacks and flipping through a hardcover book.
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Reports and surveys

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Gathering feedback from Library users is our way of staying accountable to our community and ourselves. Reports and surveys ensure we’re meeting our mission and help to highlight any areas for improvement.

We’re pleased to share that students consistently show a high level of satisfaction with Library resources, services and spaces. Here are the highlights from our most recent student surveys.

2023 Humber Student Survey

  • Our fourth comprehensive survey of Humber students received 3,488 responses (74 per cent completion rate).
  • Students showed a high satisfaction level with Library resources, services and spaces. When those with “no opinion” were removed, over 85 per cent of students indicated they were either satisfied or very satisfied with Library resources (87.3 per cent), services (85.1 per cent) and spaces (88.6 per cent).
  • Over 86 per cent of students agreed or strongly agreed they did better on their assignments as a result of what they learned from a librarian’s presentation.
  • Over 95 per cent of students agreed or strongly agreed Library team members were approachable/welcoming, interested in their question, helpful and knowledgeable. For the first time, we asked how well students felt welcomed and supported in the Library’s online and on-campus spaces with regard to their identit(ies). Students overwhelmingly felt welcome and supported: 90.9 per cent said they felt welcomed and supported “a great deal” or “quite a bit.”

2023 University of Guelph-Humber Student Survey

  • Our 2023 comprehensive survey of University of Guelph-Humber students received 493 responses (10 per cent completion rate).
  • Students showed a high satisfaction level overall, rating Library services 4.4/5 stars.
  • Most students agreed or strongly agreed using the Library helped them get higher marks on assignments, either through in-class presentations from a librarian (80 per cent), research help (81 per cent) or access to Library collections (89 per cent).
  • Ninety-one per cent agreed or strongly agreed they learned something new to help them succeed in classes after a librarian’s in-class presentation.
  • We asked students to comment on the Library’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion. Over 83 per cent of students confirmed they felt comfortable asking for help and being themselves at the Library. Eighty-seven per cent confirmed they felt respected at the Library.

Student surveys are just one piece of the puzzle. We’re always open to hearing your feedback.

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Our policies

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We maintain Library policies to ensure everyone is welcome in our spaces and has equitable access to our resources and services. Please be mindful and treat others, including Library team members, with courtesy, consideration and respect.

Review our policies (pdf files) on:

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