Research & Digital Fluency Instruction

Instruction Service Intro

*85.5% of faculty agreed that students did better on their assignments after a Librarian’s visit to their class (2019 Faculty Survey).

Do Librarians offer in-class workshops?

Yes. Faculty are welcome to browse the menu below to locate library instructional resources and supports to use in their courses.

What if my class is online or HyFlex?

Synchronous in-class sessions and asynchronous resources (e.g., video tutorials and learning modules) are offered and built by librarians. We can accommodate HyFlex, hybrid, online, and in-person classes.

How do I find the right instructional resource?

The menu below can be filtered by skill type (research or digital fluency), learner level (foundational, developmental, or proficient), and/or mode of delivery. See the PDF file for the complete list.

Instruction Service Menu Filters

Choose from the drop-downs to filter the results for relevant session(s).

Choose from the list to find library resources specific to that type.