Creating Animated Videos

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In this workshop attendees will learn how to create simple animated videos, including narration and background music, using free or freely available tools such as PowToon, PowerPoint, and Keynote. This workshop will provide instruction on scripting and storyboarding an animated video. It will also introduce resources for royalty-free and Creative Commons licensed images and music. Attendees will be given guidance on image and music attribution.

After this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Book time and equipment in the Idea Lab studio spaces
  • Plan and script/storyboard an animated video for an assignment
  • Locate and attribute royalty-free and Creative Commons licensed images and music
  • Locate the major functions for animation and narration within PowToon and PowerPoint
  • Upload an animated video to a hosting platform

Skill Type: Digital Literacy
Level: Foundational
Delivery Method: Open workshop
Ideal Audience: Students, Staff, or Faculty, with some experience using PowerPoint or Keynote
Time Required: 60 minutes
Best Practice: Attendees can choose to attend a Mac or PC-based version of the workshop.
Technology Required: Provided.

Interested in learning more? We invite you to visit the Idea Lab website.

Students can borrow the equipment listed below from the Library or Learning Commons. Bring your student card to the relevant desk to get the items.