Recording & Editing Podcasts

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Attendees will watch and participate in the creation of a podcast, from planning to editing audio. The demonstration will focus on best practices and simple strategies for capturing quality audio either using the Idea Lab studios or personal equipment (e.g. cell phone). The second half of the workshop will focus on editing recordings in Audacity, a free application compatible with Apple and Windows computers. 

After this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Book time and equipment in the Idea Lab studio spaces
  • Implement strategies for recording clear audio that is suitable for a podcast or audio assignment
  • Locate and attribute royalty-free and Creative Commons licensed music
  • Locate the major editing functions (cut, paste, adjust audio levels, EQ, export as MP3) in Audacity

Skill Type: Digital Literacy
Level: Foundational
Delivery Method: Open workshop
Ideal Audience: Students, Staff, or Faculty, no experience necessary
Time Required: 60 minutes
Technology Required: Provided.

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