My Library Access

Page 1+ is Humber Libraries’ new resource search tool. See below for details about accessing your library account and the Library's online, print and media collections.

Account Sign-in

to Page1+ to view your library account.

Page1+ sign-in pop-up

How you sign-in depends on your library user group:

  • Humber Students, Faculty & Staff
    • Sign-in with your Humber credentials.
  • University of Guelph-Humber Students, Faculty & Staff
    • Sign-in with your Humber credentials (username and password instead of your Guelph Central login.
    • If you are already signed-in to the Guelph network, use an incognito tab or another browser to avoid login problems.
  • Alumni, Retirees & Community Users
    1. Come to the library to get an account.
    2. In Page1+, enter the email address provided at account creation to receive a sign-in link.
    3. Use the sign-in link to access your account online.

Review Loans & Requests

Once signed in to Page1+, you can easily review your loans, item requests & fines from the My Account section.

Page1+ account overview screen

Fines & Fees

All library user groups can pay fees at the library circulation desks using the Moneris debit machine.

In addition, we now offer online payment of fines & fees for students, faculty and staff. The Moneris online store option is found in My Account section.

Page1+ fines screen

Library Collections

Discover the Library’s online, print and media collections from the Page1+ search found at the top of every page.

Page1+ search example

Page1+ search results

What you can borrow or access from the Page1+ search results depends on your library user group:

  • Current Students, Faculty & Staff
    • You can borrow any item from the print and media collection.
    • Your access to online articles, eBooks and streaming videos is with your Humber credentials.
  • Alumni, Retirees & Community Users
    • You can borrow certain items from the print collection.
    • You cannot access online articles, eBooks and streaming videos due to vendor licensing restrictions.

Choose from the list to find library resources specific to that type.