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Key Databases

Canada in Context  Canadian Resource Image  (video tutorial)
  • Contains peer-reviewed and other academic journal articles, magazines, biographies, primary sources and, reference material on a broad range of Canadian topics, people, places and, events.
Canada's Information Resource Centre  Canadian Resource Image 
  • Contains multiple databases including Associations Canada, Canadian Almanac, Canadian Parliamentary Guide, Canadian Who’s Who, Financial Post Survey and Directory of Directors.
Canadian Documents Collection  Canadian Resource Image 
Formerly desLibris
  • Contains publications from public policy institutes, government agencies, advocacy groups, think-tanks and, university research centres.
Canadian Encyclopedia  Canadian Resource Image 
  • Contains reference information about Canada and its people in English and French.
Canadian Newsstream  Canadian Resource Image  (video tutorial)
  • Contains articles from national and local Canadian newspapers. Includes The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the National Post and, the Vancouver Sun, among others.
Canadian Points of View  Canadian Resource Image  (video tutorial)
  • Contains opposing viewpoints on current Canadian issues.
Canadian Reference Centre  Canadian Resource Image 
  • Contains peer-reviewed and other academic journal articles, newspapers, reference books and, biographies on Canadian and international topics.
CBC Curio  Canadian Resource Image 
  • Contains educational streaming videos from CBC and Radio-Canada.
CBCA Complete  Canadian Resource Image 
  • Contains peer-reviewed and other academic journal articles, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, books, reference works, conference proceedings, dissertations, blogs and, podcasts on business, current events and, education in Canada.
CORA (the Canadian Opinion Research Archive)   Canadian Resource Image 
  • Contains the results of Canadian surveys conducted by commercial research firms, independent think tanks, research institutes, NGOs and, academic researchers, going back to the 1970s. 
  • Access to CORA is through the <odesi> portal. Be sure to check the CORA box once you are in the platform.
CPI.Q  Canadian Resource Image 
  • Contains peer-reviewed and other academic journal articles, biographies, magazines, newspapers and, company profiles on Canadian history, health, technology, arts, literature, culture and, business.
eBook Canadian Collection from Ebsco  Canadian Resource Image 
Unlimited users per book
  • Contains eBooks by Canadian publishers and authors covering topics pertaining to Canada, Canadian history, native culture, politics and, current events.
  • Some publishers allow titles to be downloaded as PDF or EPUB (using Adobe Digital Editions).
Ebook Central from ProQuest (video tutorial)
Multiple users per book
  • Contains eBooks on a variety of topics, Canadian and international
  • Some publishers allow titles to be downloaded for use with Adobe Digital Editions.
Frontier Life  Canadian Resource Image 
  • Contains primary sources (documents and images), as well as secondary sources on the period from 1650-1920 including material from the Hudson Bay Archives and the Glenbow Archives.

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