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This service supports faculty in providing students easy access to relevant resources.

Physical Items

The Canadian Copyright Act includes education as a purpose in the Fair Dealing provision. This provision governs which physical items (books, DVDs, Audio CDs) are allowed to be scanned or placed on reserve.

Humber Courses: Digital Scanning

  • The Library has a new digital scanning service to support faculty who need course readings and materials from print library books or other materials that are only available in print.
  • This service is available for portions of books, up to 10% of the entire text or a single chapter for books the Library owns and books the Library can purchase.
  • To support accessibility, documents will be tagged and made text searchable.
  • The Library cannot scan multiple chapters from an item for faculty to review for potential use. Contact us and we will investigate the available options for providing you with access to a copy of the book for review.
  • Requests for scans of library materials take 2-4 weeks to be fulfilled. Please contact us as early as possible to ensure the content is available for your course.
  • If interested in this service, email with the item information.

Guelph-Humber Courses

Online Library Resources

Humber Courses

  • See the details at the Course Resources page.
  • This page explains how to get online Library resources integrated in to your Blackboard course site.

Guelph-Humber Courses

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