Library Policies

Humber Libraries & Learning Commons are shared, student-centered, welcoming spaces intended to accommodate diverse learning styles. We are committed to providing a positive and safe environment which includes both individual and collaborative study. Accessibility, diversity and inclusion are an integral part of the college community. Please treat others, as well as the Libraries & Learning Commons’ staff, with courtesy, consideration and respect.

Service Charter

Humber Libraries and Learning Commons strives to be welcoming, equitable and accessible to everyone. This Service Charter is a partnership.

We promise to provide services, resources and spaces to help you thrive. We encourage you to use our services while being mindful that you are sharing spaces and resources with our diverse community.

Our Promise to You


  • We promise friendly and expert service from approachable and knowledgeable staff.
  • Our services, both in-person and online are designed to support your success.
  • Ask us questions - we’re here to help.


  • We provide you with resources that support your academic success and personal growth.
  • Our policies are designed to ensure everyone has fair and equitable access to these resources.


  • We strive to maintain inviting and inclusive spaces.
  • Our spaces are designed for your diverse learning needs, whether it is quiet, individual or collaborative group study.


  • We rely on your feedback.
  • We will listen attentively and respond in a respectful and timely manner.
  • We promise to use your feedback to continuously improve our services, resources and spaces.

Everyone has a Part to Play


  • Be open to our support.
  • We encourage you to take advantage of all our services.


  • The Library and Learning Commons’ resources are shared by all.
  • We encourage you to review our policies and come to us with any questions.
  • Use our resources with care, for everyone’s benefit.


  • Everyone in our spaces deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy.
  • You can help create a welcoming environment: be mindful of others and let us know of any issues so that we can address them promptly.


  • Your voice matters.
  • Be open, respectful and honest.
  • Your feedback helps us improve the Library and Learning Commons.


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Using Our Spaces

Access to Computers

  • Currently enrolled Humber and University of Guelph Humber students, faculty and staff can use Humber Libraries & Learning Commons’ computers.
  • Unattended computers will be made available for others to use.

Food & Drink

  • YES to food and covered drinks - we welcome you to enjoy food and covered drinks in our spaces, with the exception of a few designated areas.
  • NO to Garbage: Everyone is responsible for disposing their garbage and recyclables.
  • Our policy document provides further details.


  • YES to moderate and low volume level conversations: All members of the college community are expected to speak quietly and use audio devices with headphones.
  • NO to excessive loud noise: Everyone is expected to speak or listen at a volume that shows respect for other people in the space.
  • Our policy document provides further details

North Campus Library Children’s Area

  • The North Campus Library welcomes and encourages all Humber and University of Guelph-Humber users accompanied by children to enjoy the Library’s Children’s Area on the 4th floor of the LRC.
  • Our policy document provides further details about the space, its use, and children caregiver’s responsibilities.

Safety and Security

  • Your safety and security are important to us. Unattended belongings will be removed by security.

Humber Policies

Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges are based on library user group and type of material.

We encourage users to return items promptly to ensure others have access to library materials. If you are not able to come to campus, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

Questions about loan periods, fines, and account questions can be directed to

Filming and Photography

Our priority is to advance teaching, learning and research by providing exceptional service and study spaces at all library locations. We do our best to accommodate filming and photography requests from Humber College and University of Guelph Humber students, staff, and faculty in relation to course work and academic research. We evaluate each request, taking into consideration the impact on our spaces and services.

Lakeshore Campus

If you are a student, faculty or staff member, please follow these steps for film and photography requests for the Lakeshore Library or Learning Commons:

  1. Complete the Lakeshore request form.
  2. Email the completed form to, Office of the Principal, Lakeshore Campus.

North Campus

If you are a student, faculty or staff member, for filming requests for the North LRC Library or Learning Commons please contact our Office Manager at

External Groups

If you are external to Humber and are interested in filming in our spaces, please contact the Central Events Office.


Collection Development (See policy)
Humber Libraries' vision is to meet learner needs through continuous development of exemplary collections, services, and places. As an academic partner and an important link in the learning process, the Library collaborates with faculty, staff, and students to build the collections and services made easily accessible through cutting edge technology and best practices.

Relocation and Withdrawal (See policy)
This policy is intended to ensure that Humber’s collections management practices ensure effective support for the College’s current teaching and research activities, and maximize appropriate use of the Library’s physical facilities. The collection will be continually re-evaluated in conjunction with the acquisition of new and replacement materials to ensure the timeliness, relevance, and ease of use of all library resources.

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