Library Policies

Humber Libraries and the Learning Commons are student-centered spaces designed to support work, study, research, collaboration and access to advanced technology.

The Library and Learning Commons staff are committed to providing a positive, safe and productive learning environment in which all users are treated with respect and courtesy.

Code of Conduct >

Humber’s Student Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use policies are the basis for how Humber Libraries and Learning Commons spaces, facilities and equipment can be used.

Any behaviour which disrupts the work, study and research of others. Please contact staff or Public Safety to report any issues.


  • Users are responsible for their personal belongings. Please don’t leave valuable personal belongings such as purses, cellphones, laptops and textbooks unattended. Any personal belongings left unattended after 15 minutes will be removed and taken to the Campus Lost and Found.
  • “No parking” allowed. Users should not leave personal belongings as a way of reserving space.
  • Treat equipment and furniture appropriately. Do not sit on tables, move furniture from their original location, or deface property..
  • Show proper care and respect for Humber property. Please remove all your garbage before your leave and use the appropriate litter and recycling receptacles.
  • No charity solicitation (e.g. asking for money) is allowed.  Please report such activity to the Library or Public Safety.
  • No sleeping in the Humber Libraries or the Learning Commons.
  • Library staff and users should expect cooperation, courtesy and respect for individual rights as part of the social contract of the Humber community. Users are expected to provide identification to Public Safety acting in the course of their duties where a violation of College regulations is in question.

Access to Computers

  • Only currently enrolled Humber and University of Guelph Humber students and authorized faculty and staff can use Humber Libraries and Learning Commons computers.
  • Computers are intended for completing assignments and doing research. Users cannot monopolize computer resources for recreational purposes such as playing games, viewing sporting events and movies or accessing social media. Staff maintain the right to evaluate and arbitrate on what use of the computers are permitted and what are not.
  • “No parking” allowed. Users cannot hold computers for their friends.
  • Any computer left unattended after 15 minutes will be logged off by staff and made available for others to use.
  • Library research desk staff can help prospective students print forms and access information needed for registration and OSAP applications.
  • Subject to computer availability, Humber Alumni (alumni card as proof) may access select library computers for up to one hour per day. Quick use computers and Humber’s wireless network are not available to alumni.

Food and Drink

  • Users are required to comply with the full policy.
  • Staff reserve the right to determine which food items and drink containers are acceptable and will respond to complaints about food.

Noise and Conversation

  • Students are expected to speak at a volume that shows respect for other users of the space.
  • Audio devices must be listened to using headphones, not external speakers.
  • Headphone volume should not distract other users. If other users can hear it then the volume is to loud.
  • Users who are disturbed by the conversations or activities of those around them can speak with staff for assistance.
  • There are zones for different levels of noise and activity. For example: no talking or headphone use is permitted in the silent study rooms.

Group study rooms

Only currently enrolled Humber and University of Guelph Humber students can book a group study room. These rooms are not for individual use.

  • Study rooms can be booked online.
  • Attempts to monopolize group study rooms will be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct.
  • Any group using a group study room has to meet the minimum number of people specified for the room as outlined on the room booking web site and posted in each group study room.
  • Group study rooms are for quiet discussion; students using the rooms for purposes other than quiet study will be asked to vacate the room.

Theft and Vandalism

For library material, the following costs will be charged and a note added to the user's library record:

  • Users who steal or vandalize library material and/or property will be subject to disciplinary action. As well, replacement costs will be charged.
  • A security report is filled out for each case and sent to Dean of Student Services and College Security.
    • A flat fee of $25.00 will be assessed.
    • An amount equal to double the cost of the item (whether it is a book, newspaper, periodical or annual report) will be charged. If more than one item is mutilated, the charge will be per item.
    • Annual reports -- $10.00 flat rate
    • Paperback book (easy reading) -- $8.00
    • Government document or publication of associations (eg. League of Nursing) -- $10.00

Borrowing and Fines >

The chart below includes loan periods and fines for popular items. See the complete list for all library items.

Fines note: Users are not required to pay fines immediately. However, if your fines reach a total of $5, you will be unable to borrow items until the amount is reduced. You will not receive your diploma if you owe $5 or more.

Item Loan Period Holds Renewals Total Fines
Book 14 days Yes Unlimited 15 $.50/day, max $25
Textbook 3 days No None 2 $2/day, max $100
3 day loan 3 days Yes None 4 $1/day, max $60
Reserve 1, 2, or 3 hrs No None 3 $3/hour, max $24
Laptop 4 hours No None 1 $10/hour, $50/day
Portable Plug 4 hours No None 1 $5/hour, $25/day
Phone Charger 3 hours No None 1 $5/hour, $25/day
Faculty and Staff
Item Type Loan Period Holds Renewals Total Fines
Book (Faculty rules)
*Return items immediately if recalled
120 days Yes Unlimited 99 $.50/day, max $25
Book (Staff rules) 14 days Yes Unlimited 15 $.50/day, max $25
DVD 7 days No 1 Unlimited None

Lost Items

Library items are considered lost if:

  • The item has been reported lost by the borrower.
  • The Item is overdue and has reached the maximum overdue fine amount.
  • The item is overdue at the end of the semester (even if the item has not reached the maximum overdue fine amount).

The Library charges a replacement cost plus any overdue fines for each lost item. The dates when this charge appears in MyHumber/WebAdvisor and when the payment is due are based on the item.


  • MyHumber/WebAdvisor Notice: 50 days after due date
  • Payment Date: Same day as notification

Books, DVDs, Music CDs

  • MyHumber/WebAdvisor Notice: 60 days after due date
  • Payment Date: Last day of classes

Laptops, Courses Reserves, Cables & Plugs

  • MyHumber/WebAdvisor Notice: 7 days after due date
  • Payment Date: Last day of classes

Borrowers are eligible for a refund of the replacement cost only if the lost item is returned before the payment date. Items kept past this date cannot be returned. Note that overdue fines are not refundable.

Unpaid balances can result in holds on the borrower's account. Account holds can impact the ability to complete course registration (add/drop/withdraw) and transcript requests.

Laptop and Portable Plug Loan >

Laptops and portable plugs are available for loan to Humber and Guelph-Humber students. Users are expected to follow the Acceptable Use and the Borrowing policies when using this equipment.


  • North: 32 PC laptops are available to be signed out with a current student card.
    • Laptops are kept at the North Circulation Desk on the LRC 4th floor.
  • Lakeshore: the Library has 14 PC laptops and 1 MacBook. The Lakeshore Commons has 11 PC laptops, and 4 MacBooks.
    • Laptops are kept at the Library Service Desk (B202) and the L-1000 Service Desk.
  • Users must sign a Technology Agreement.

Portable Plugs (only available at the Lakeshore campus)

  • 22 plugs are available to be signed out with a current student card.
    • 20 portable plugs are kept at the Lakeshore Library Service Desk (B202).
    • 2 are kept at the L-1000 Service Desk.
  • Users must sign a sign a Technology Agreement.

Loan Period & Fines


  • Loan period: 4 hours. 1 laptop per person.
  • Fine: $10/hr. Maximum is $50/day.

Portable Plugs

  • Loan period: 4 hours. 1 plug per person.
  • Fine: $5/hr. Maximum is $25/day.

In the event of an emergency closure, please keep the laptop or plug in your possession but return by 10:00am the next business day.


  • If your laptop or plug is due back at the end of the day, please return 15 minutes before closing directly to the 4th Floor desk (North) and B202 or L1000 desks (Lakeshore).
  • Borrowers are required to wait for staff to verify that the equipment has been returned in good working condition.

Replacement & Damaged Cost

  • Borrowers are responsible for loss, damage, and theft of the laptop or plug while in their possession.
  • Borrowers are responsible for the full amount of repair or replacement charges of the equipment, therefore report any malfunctions immediately to staff.
  • Laptops: A laptop will be considered lost 7 days after the due date and the replacement cost applied to the borrower's account.
    • The replacement cost of a laptop is $1,700.
  • Portable Plugs: A plug will be considered lost 7 days after the due date and the replacement cost applied to the borrower's account.
    • The replacement cost of a portable plug is $300.

Lost Files

  • The Library will not assume responsibility for any damaged or lost files.
  • Any file(s) copied or downloaded to the laptop will be automatically removed after restart/reboot and cannot be recovered.

Alumni & Others >

  Alumni Community Borrowers Direct Borrowers CMU,
Brock B.Ed
Borrowing Privileges (Direct Borrower agreement)
2 week books
*10 book limit
*1 renewal only
Other material (DVD)
Computer Access (See policy)
On-campus 1 hr/day
Wireless public wifi public wifi public wifi public wifi
Quick-use stations
Database remote access
*B&W 10¢ per page (1 or 2 sided)
*Color 50¢ per page ($1 for double sided)
Study Rooms
Interlibrary Loans
Borrowing and Fines
Item Type Loan Period Holds Renewals Total Fines
Book 14 days Yes 1 10 $.50/day, max $25
No borrowing allowed

Photography and Filming >

The priority of Humber Libraries is to advance teaching, learning and research by providing exceptional service and study spaces at all library locations.

Filming and photography is limited to Humber and University of Guelph Humber students, staff and faculty in relation to course work and academic research. External groups must have a direct relationship with an academic school or department at Humber or University of Guelph Humber.

The Library reserves the right to terminate any still photography or filming that causes disturbance, violates college policies or regulations or endangers the health and safety of participants, users and staff.

Lakeshore Campus

Follow these steps for film and photography requests for the Lakeshore Library or Learning Commons:

  1. Complete the Lakeshore request form.
  2. Email the completed form to, the Assistant the Principal of the Lakeshore Campus.

North Campus

Follow these steps for film and photography requests for the North LRC Library or Learning Commons:

  1. Complete the North request form.
  2. Bring the completed form in person to the 4th floor circulation desk or email the form to
    • The Library will respond to all requests within 3 business days.
    • Prior approval is needed before filming and photography projects can be initiated.


  1. If filming in a study room, you are responsible for booking the room ahead of time. The maximum time allowed is 2 hours.
  2. Do not interfere with the study, research, privacy or safety of users.
  3. Do not film or photograph users without their consent.
  4. Do not film in silent study spaces.
  5. Do not hinder access to exits, stairways or corridors.
  6. Do not ask any user to move.
  7. Minimize any re-arrangement of furniture or materials and return all to the original locations.
  8. Avoid scheduling filming or photography during peak periods of study activity especially during mid-term and final exams. Early morning, evening and weekends are the preferred times for filming or photography projects.
  9. Remember that library staff members are not to be photographed when working.


Contact either the Humber Libraries Director ( or Office Manager (

Collections >

Collection Development (See policy)
Humber Libraries' vision is to meet learner needs through continuous development of exemplary collections, services, and places. As an academic partner and an important link in the learning process, the Library collaborates with faculty, staff, and students to build the collections and services made easily accessible through cutting edge technology and best practices.

Relocation and Withdrawal (See policy)
This policy is intended to ensure that Humber’s collections management practices ensure effective support for the College’s current teaching and research activities, and maximize appropriate use of the Library’s physical facilities. The collection will be continually re-evaluated in conjunction with the acquisition of new and replacement materials to ensure the timeliness, relevance, and ease of use of all library resources.