Liaison Librarians

What Your Librarian Does >

  • Teaches research skills
    • Defining research topic
    • Understanding the importance of various sources
    • Developing a search strategy
    • Knowing what Humber’s library offers
    • Finding and accessing information
    • Critically evaluating resources
    • Ethical information use (ie: plagiarism/citation)
  • Provides resource suggestions for your classroom and your own research
  • Collection development and new program collection assessments
  • Reference and consultation services (online and in-person)
  • Develops research guides for your programs and courses
  • Develops online tutorials and handouts on various research topics and skills
  • Student outreach and orientation

This video provides an overview of what we can do for you:

Working With Your Librarian >

  • Consider collaboration with your librarian for assignment development and to foster effective research skills for your students
    1. Book a librarian in advance for teaching
    2. Share assignments with your librarian
    3. Make sure the research expected in your assignments is available and realistic depending on student skills level
  • Consider booking a computer lab for the library session, as most of our resources are available online
  • Get to know Humber library resources: we can show you the possibilities

Contact your Librarian >

Applied Technology
Mark Bryant (profile)
Ext. 4654 | Email:

Business (North)
Ewan Gibson
Ext. 5596|  Email:

Business (Lakeshore)
Caleb Domsy (profile)
Ext. 4501  |  Email:

Creative & Performing Arts
Janet Hollingsworth (profile)
Ext. 3250  |  Email:

Health Sciences
Amy Weir (profile)
Ext. 4840  |  Email:

Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism
Aliya Dalfen (profile)
Ext. 5413  |  Email:

Adam Weissengruber
Ext. 4170  |  Email:

Liberal Arts & Science (North)
Aliya Dalfen (profile)
Ext. 5413  |  Email:

Liberal Arts & Science (Lakeshore)
Janet Hollingsworth (profile)
Ext. 3250  |  Email:

Media Studies and IT (North)
Mark Bryant (profile)
Ext. 4654 | Email:

Media Studies and IT (Lakeshore)
Sandra Herber (profile)
Ext. 5197  |  Email:

Social & Community Services
Janet Hollingsworth (profile)
Ext. 3250  |  Email: