Introduction to Humber Libraries via Mobile Tour

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This is an ideal activity for instructors who want to encourage students to visit the Library. In this self-paced activity, students will use mobile devices to complete an interactive tour of the Library and Learning Commons at their campus. Students will be introduced to a selection of key services and resources available in the Library’s physical spaces; online resources are not covered in this tour.

After this activity, students will be able to:

  • Identify the Librarian dedicated to their program
  • Locate the service desks within the Library for future academic needs (e.g. research help, technology lending, textbooks)
  • Borrow materials and technology with their newly activated library barcode

Skill Type: Research
Level: Foundational
Delivery Method: eLearning
Ideal Audience: First semester students who are new to academic libraries
Time Required: 30 minutes
Link: Mobile Library Tour
Best Practice: Credit for participation is recommended as it encourages completion.
Technology Required: Smartphones or other personal mobile devices (tablets).

Need more information? We invite you to reach out to your librarian.

Students can borrow the equipment listed below from the Library or Learning Commons. Bring your student card to the relevant desk to get the items.