Database List


Film Scripts Online
  • Contains film scripts and the authorized versions of copyrighted screenplays.
Fine Arts
  • Contains peer-reviewed and other academic journal articles and books on drama, music, art history, and filmmaking.
  • Provides precision search features to allow easier access to all library holdings from WorldCat.
Flipster  Canadian Resource Image
  • Contains current issues of popular magazines including Maclean’s, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, The Walrus, Today’s Parent, Toronto Life, Vogue, American Cinematographer, and more.
  • Download the Flipster mobile app (Android or Apple) to read on the go.
Food Science Source
  • Contains peer-reviewed and other academic journal articles and eBooks on the food industry.
Frontier Life  Canadian Resource Image
  • Contains primary sources (documents and images), as well as secondary sources on the period from 1650-1920 including material from the Hudson Bay Archives and the Glenbow Archives.

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